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The picket fence is a classic timeless fence great for the front yard. We can do the standard pickets or cut custom pickets to match your taste.


This fence is just your basic clean looking fence. We use tight knot cedar boards with cedar pipe on post and cedar 2x4 for the cross section. This fence is the most budget friendly fence

The modern style fence is built with the cedar fences boards running horizontal. The posts are cedar pipe on post and galvanized fasteners. In this modern fence, we used clear cedar which is an optional upgrade.


Modern With Cap

The modified modern fence is similar to the modern fence but has a cedar top cap along the top of the fence and where the fence boards meet is seen. We can also upgrade to clear cedar for a clean looking fence for an additional cost.

Modified Modern

The modified modern in a neighbor friendly version of the modern fence where it looks almost the same on both sides. You can add a cap to this as well for a well finished look (cap not included)!

Seamless Modified Modern

The seamless modified modern fence is similar to the modifed modern fence but doesn't have a vertical board covering the seams.

Modern Shadowbox

The modern shadowbox is a very detailed fence that provides more depth to your fence.


The estate fence is a simple fence that has each fence section between the posts and post caps.

Half Estate

The half estate fence use cedar 2x4's on the back side and cap and cedar 1x4 on the front top face. Post caps are optional on the estate fence.

Full Estate

The full estate fence is framed out with a face board on top and bottom. It also has a 2x4 on top and the option for post caps.

Modified Full Estate

The modified full estate is a neighbor friendly fence with cedar decking boards on both sides, making both sides looked finished. It also has the option for post caps.

Victorian Estate

The Victorian Estate is a timeless fences and may make a great addition to your property complementing your house!


The shadowbox cedar fences provides transparency while still giving you privacy and security.

Window Estate

The window estate features the top portion with gaps to add style and function to your yard!

Hog Wire Estate

The hog wire estate provides security while also having a clear viewing window!

Lattice Estate

The lattice estate has cedar lattice on the top part of the fence. This

allows the sun to shine through to your yard and makes it feel less boxed in. With this style, you can go as high as 8 ft.

Hog Wire

The hog wire fence offers security without sacrificing the view.

Lattice Fence

The Lattice Fence is a great option to provide transparency while also providing security. You can add a trellis for added beauty.


(Scroll Through to see custom fences we have built.)

We can build custom wood fences to your specifications. If you find a fence on Pinterest, Instagram or want o design it yourself, we can build it.

We’d love to have the opportunity to work with you. Get in touch with us today.


Wood Fence Styles

At HelmCo Fences, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Whichever fence you choose, we will make sure that it is built right and be of the best materials.

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