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Modern Fence with Cap

Materials & Upgrades

Cedar Post on Pipe

We use cedar post on pipe which is galvanized 1.5" pipe embedded in 4x4 cedar posts to help prevent wood contact with the ground which prevents the post from rotting out at the bottom

Steel Brackets

We build our own brackets that attach to concrete so we can build a fence over concrete.

Custom Board Width and Gap

We can make the boards alternate width give a custom look to your fence. We can also change the gap.

All Cedar Material

We use all cedar products for all our fences. It is the best material available for fences and will outlast any pressure treated wood. It also will deform the least for the life of the fence. Treated wood comes very wet and when it dries, it can deform significantly, causing your fence to deform.

Seamless Modern Cedar Fence

Clear Cedar Option

We can upgrade the fence boards to be clear cedar which are free of knots for a premium wood and a cleaner look.

4 Post Gate Arbor

If you would like to add a gate arbor over your gate, we can do that too!

Cedar Trellis

Fence Trellis

You can also add a fence trellis to your fence!

Cedar Hand Railing

We can add a cedar hand railing to your yard to look stylish and for safety.

Contact HelmCo today.

Custom Built Gate

We can custom build a gate to match whatever style of fence you choose.

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